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    Coin Wiki is an encyclopaedia of British coins from the beginning of the Re-coinage of 1816 to the present day. It is also a provider of information about history related to numismatics such as biographies of artists and monarchs and information about British mints and the manufacture of coins.

    I do my best to ensure that the data I provide is accurate well presented and easy to understand, unfortunately I suffer with being human and so make mistakes. If you notice an error be it in the information I provide or a spelling/grammatical error please contact me to highlight my mistake. Also if you have questions relevant to the content of this site then feel free to ask and if I can help I will gladly do so.

    Mission Statement

    British Coin Catalogue
    Pre-decimal Coins
    Decimal Coins
    Pre-decimal Coins
    Decimal Coins

    Coin History

    Coin Manufacture

    Information about collecting and caring for coins

    Biographies Relevant to Numismatics