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    Coin Wiki is an encyclopaedia of British coins from the beginning of the Re-coinage of 1816 to the present day. It is also a provider of information about history related to numismatics such as biographies of artists and monarchs and information about British mints and the manufacture of coins.

    I do my best to ensure that the data I provide is accurate well presented and easy to understand, unfortunately I suffer with being human and so make mistakes. If you notice an error be it in the information I provide or a spelling/grammatical error please contact me to highlight my mistake. Also if you have questions relevant to the content of this site then feel free to ask and if I can help I will gladly do so.

    Coins by Denomination

    The two links below link to the catalog's of British coins in which all circulating types of coin from 1816 to present day are listed along with important information about them. The information provided does or will include, the coins average weight, diameter, metal/composition and mintage. There are also images to help with the correct identification of coins. I have also listed the major varieties which exist and important cataloging information is currently being added such as Peck numbers/rarity scale as well as other cataloging numbers.

    Coin History

    Coin Manufacture

    Information about collecting and caring for coins

    Biographies Relevant to Numismatics