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    George VI Half Crowns

    George VI Half Crowns were struck from 1937 to 1952 (their are only two 1952 specimens known in existence as due to a nickel shortage none that year were meant to be struck). Their were three different types of Half Crown struck for George VI, the left facing portrait for all three types was by Thomas Humphrey Paget and the reverse for all three was by George Kruger Gray.

    .500 Silver Type

    The first type was struck from 1937 to 1946, it was made of .500 silver, it had a diameter of 32 millimetres and weighed approximately 14.14 grams. The obverse inscription reads "GEORGIVS VI D : G : BR : OMN : REX". The reverse image is of a shield with the Royal Standard on it with a crown to its left and right both of which have interlocking G,s underneath them. The reverse inscription reads "FID:DEF IND:IMP" around the top of the coin and "HALF CROWN" followed by the date around the bottom of the coin.

    Date Mintage
    1937 9,106,440
    1938 6,426,478
    1939 15,478,635
    1940 17,948,439
    1941 15,773,984
    1942 31,220,090
    1943 15,462,875
    1944 15,255,165
    1945 19,849,242
    1946 22,724,873

    George VI Half Crown (Obverse)George VI Half Crown (Reverse)

    Cupro Nickel Type

    The second type was struck in 1947 and 1948 it has exactly the same design as the first, the major difference is that the coin was debased which meant that due to silver rising in value the coin was made of a cupro nickel alloy and no longer had a silver content. The coin diameter remained the same but the weight increased to approximately 14.22 grams.

    Date Mintage
    1947 21,911,484
    1948 71,164,703

    George VI Half Crown T2 (Obverse)George VI Half Crown T2 (Reverse)

    Changed Inscription

    The third design was struck from 1949 to 1952 the design its self is the same except "IND:IMP" (meaning Emporour of India) was removed from the reverse inscription as India had gained her independence.

    Date Mintage
    1949 28,272,512
    1950 28,335,500
    1951 9,003,520
    1952 2 Known

    George VI Half Crown T3 (Obverse)George VI Half Crown T3(Reverse)