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    Decimal Half Pennies

    Decimal Half Pennies were struck for Elizabeth II from 1971 to 1984, 1972 and 1984 were struck as proofs and not for circulation. There were two types of Half Pence struck but they were very similar coins. The obverse through out the striking of the decimal Half Penny was kept same. Also kept the same was its composition of bronze, the diameter of 17.14 millimeters and weight approximately 1.78 grams. The obverse was designed by Arnold Machin and the reverse by Christopher Ironside. Elizabeth's portrait faces to the right and the obverse inscription reads ELIZABETH·II D·G·REG·F·D· followed by the date.

    It was known that the Decimal Half Penny would not last long but it was seen as necessary to help people get used to the new decimal system. The Half Penny proved to be very unpopular because of its tiny size and many did not miss them when they were demonetized on the 31st of December 1984.

    I however quite like there simple elegant design and even though they are worth very little they remain one of my favorite coins.

    Please Note

    There are pointing varieties reported for the Decimal Half Penny. I have searched high and low for this info but failed to find it anywhere. I shall work out for myself what they are and publish them as soon as possible.

    Reverse Types
    Reverse 1 (1971 - 1981)
    Reverse 2 (1982 - 1984)
    Elizabeth II Half Penny (Reverse) Elizabeth II Half Penny T2 (Reverse)
    The inscription on the first reverse reads NEW PENNY pointing out to the public that it is of the newer Decimal type of money and not the old pre-decimal money. The inscription was changed in 1982 as the public had been using the new currency plenty long enough to tell the difference between pre-decimal and decimal coins. The second inscription reads HALF PENNY

    Proof Types
    Gloss Proof
    Elizabeth II 1971 Gloss Proof Half Penny (Obverse) Elizabeth II Frosted Proof Half Penny Pence (Obverse)
    To produce Gloss Proofs like this the entire die's surface is polished to obtain this perfect finish across the whole coin. The surface is highly reflective and with full luster has a very glossy quality unlike any circulation issue. A Frosted Proof is a Proof coin which has a contrast between the device and the Field.The field is made perfect and flawless by polishing the die and the Frosted area is created by shot blasting it to give the die a rough surface.

    Decimal Half Penny Varieties
    CW# Date Metal Obv/Rev Mintage Additional Info
    1 1971 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 1,394,188,250  
    2 1971 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 350,000 Gloss Proof
    3 1971 Bronze Obv1 Obv1 Not Known Double Headed Error
    4 1972 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 150,000 Gloss Proof
    5 1973 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 365,680,000  
    6 1973 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 100,000 Gloss Proof
    7 1974 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 365,448,000  
    8 1974 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 100,000 Gloss Proof
    9 1975 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 197,600,000  
    10 1975 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 100,000 Gloss Proof
    11 1976 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 412,172,000  
    12 1976 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 100,000 Gloss Proof
    13 1977 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 66,368,000  
    14 1977 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 194,000 Gloss Proof
    15 1978 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 59,532,000  
    16 1978 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 88,000 Gloss Proof
    17 1979 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 219,132,000  
    18 1979 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 81,000 Gloss Proof
    19 1980 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 201,788,000  
    20 1980 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 143,000 Frosted Proof
    21 1981 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 46,748,000  
    22 1981 Bronze Obv1 Rev1 100,000 Frosted Proof
    23 1982 Bronze Obv1 Rev2 190,752,000  
    24 1982 Bronze Obv1 Rev2 107,000 Frosted Proof
    25 1983 Bronze Obv1 Rev2 7,600,000  
    26 1983 Bronze Obv1 Rev2 108,000 Frosted Proof
    27 1984 Bronze Obv1 Rev2 40,000?  
    28 1984 Bronze Obv1 Rev2 107,000? Frosted Proof